Omicron Repair Centre

Alectrix is a qualified OMICRON Repair Center, which means Alectrix is certified to carry out repairs on all secondary as well as primary test equipment from OMICRON. After each repair the equipment is calibration certified on the OMICRON Field Calibration System (FCS) to ensure that the equipment if fully functional and fit for service.

Alectrix stocks all necessary printed circuit boards as well as selected individual components and spares to repair the secondary as well as primary range of test equipment. After the faulty boards and/or components have been exchanged, the calibration data of the unit is uploaded. Finally, a fully functional test and calibration certification is performed on the unit using the FCS. The FCS consists of a measurement standards for voltage, resistance (and hence current), frequency and phase angle. After successful completion of the fully automatic test procedure, a comprehensive calibration report, as well as the calibration certificate is produced.